Metal on Metal with Bruce of Warbeast

Bruce Corbitt and Ven Chat about Warbeast’s Lyrical Content and Inspiration



Bruce Corbitt from Rigor Mortis and Warbeast

Etched deeply into the Texas metal soul, Bruce Corbitt takes a quick moment to discuss lyrical inspiration with Ven. Formerly of Rigor Mortis (R.I.P. Mike Scaccia!), Bruce’s newest project, Warbeast, is running full steam ahead. With songs ranging from the intergalactic (War of the Worlds) to the earthly and sinister (Birth of a Psycho), Bruce explains that inspiration still ranges from all chapters of his life. Rigor Mortis is one of those bands that remains a part of Texas metal history yet Bruce remains very down to Earth and honest. A true metal legend; don’t let his humility fool you for Warbeast will DESTROY you without batting an eyelash!
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