Austin Chronicle Reviews DEP’s HHFF Performance

Reviews Including Dead Earth Politics at Housecore Horror Fest '13

We always love press and even more-so hometown press! Raoul Hernandez is one of the local rock and metal advocates who does what he can to promote us red-headed step children of the music industry! Thanks Raoul!

‘The third full day of metal at Housecore Horror pitted Texas versus Bayou rivals Louisiana, beginning at the “Home of the Blues” with Austin’s Dead Earth Politics. A couple dozen early risers lurched through the shadows of the downstairs as the locals took the stage looking more indie than extreme save for the drummer’s Brujeria tee and the frontman’s clean, gritty bellow. Straight metal followed, no subgenres or “core,” just rock & roll accented on its heaviest elements – rumbling bottom end, a cascade of ground-to-air riffs, and a war cry out front. H.P. Lovecraft blew a head of steam on “Madness of the Wanderer.”’

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