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Two Guys MR on “Men Become Gods”!

I’ve been into Dead Earth Politics for a while now, and after seeing them for the first time in Texas back in October I knew they were on to something special. An incredible progression from their last release Queen of Steel this new album, Men Become Gods speaks to a[…]

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about meForged from the soul of the Austin metal scene, Dead Earth Politics is a blade that cuts like no other. Having been compared to the likes of Lamb of God, Iron Maiden, Pantera and other legends, this band strikes at many cores. In 2006 they released their freshman E.P., "Mark the Resistance". The album quickly gained notoriety and in 2010 they followed up with the LP "The Weight of Posiedon" which received acclaim from reviewers and the praise of fans. In 2013 Dead Earth Politics was honored with the Austin Chronicle's "Best Metal Band of 2012" award. With passion coursing through their veins and dedication in their hearts, Dead Earth Politics strives for perfection in their craft. Aiming now to complete their new album that is yet-to-be-titled they have a grand challenge in front of them. This does not sway them in form, for there are many years on the horizon and they aim to do only what they know: to make great art!

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